Automotive Window Tinting

Q: What is window film? A: Solar Gard is a high quality thin, multi-layered piece of optically clear film that is retrofitted to the inside surface of glass – sputter-coated with durable, exotic metals such as titanium, stainless steel, silver, inconel, chromium, aluminum and other alloys. The varying combinations of metals is what gives Solar Gard its exceptional performance capabilities and color. The Tint Professor


Q: Why does auto window film turn purple?

A: Inexpensive window film consists of polyester film dyed to achieve the desired color and darkness.   The purple appearance is caused when the ultraviolet rays from the sun break down the dyes in poor or other metals on the polyester to replace the dyes, created on extremely stable products.


Q: Why does film bubble?

A: Film bubbles because it is of poor quality and the result of a failure in the adhesive process.

Q: “I’m worried about my child in the rear seat. It gets so hot, and I always see her squinting when I look in the rear view mirror.”

A: Quantum film will reduce heat by up to 63%. It will block out 99% of the suns harmful rays. And it can also substantially reduce glare depending upon the shade of film you choose.

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Q: What is Quantum film?

A: Quantum is created through a “sputtering” process that evenly deposits finely burnished layers of minute

metal particles on the films surfaces.

Q: Will Quantum film change color?

A: Quantum cannot change color or fade because it uses absolutely no dyes. Quantum has a lifetime,

non-fade transferable factory backed warranty.

Q: Will Quantum film peel?

A: Quantum incorporates a special High Temperature Adhesive System called HTA, Quantum will not bubble

or peel away from the glass–they guarantee it.

Q: Does Quantum film keep my car cooler?

A: Quantum film has up to 63% heat rejection. Which helps eliminate “hot spots” that even the most efficient

air conditioners can’t overcome.

Q: Will Quantum film protect me from the sun?

A: Quantum film blocks 99% of the suns harmful uv rays.

Q: Will Quantum film protect my interior?

A: Interior fade and cracking are caused by the suns harmful uv rays. Quantum film will block 99% of the

suns harmful UV rays.

Q: Can I roll my windows down once window film has been applied?

A: You must wait 48 hours before rolling windows down.

Q: How should I clean the inside of the windows?

A: You should clean your film with dishwashing soap and water. None ammonia cleaning product can be

bought at most retail stores.

Q: What is the curing process?

A: Curing is the time it takes for the water and adhesive to interact with each other and create a

complete adhesion with the window glass. Please allow 48 hour to pass before rolling down windows.

Q: How long is the curing process?

A: It can take between 7 to 28 days for a complete cure. Depending on weather and temperature


Q: Can the window tint be scratched?

A: There is a scratch resistant coating on the film. However, the film can be scratched or punctured

with keys, watches, rings, safety belt buckles, etc. Scratches caused by user neglect are not covered

by warranty. Take care when unbuckling your seat belt.

Q: Is there only one shade of film to choose from?

A: No! There are a wide selection of colors and shades with different light transmission levels to satisfy

local tint laws. Our professional tinters will help you select the perfect professional grade film for your car,

truck, or van.

Q: How long will it take to tint my car windows?

A: The installation time depends on the installer’s experience and the expected quality of the finished

product. A single installer should be able to tint 90 percent of the vehicles windows within one to three


Q: Is window tinting a fairly new process?

A: No! Window film for use in Solar control flat glass application (buildings) dates back to the early 1960s.

Q: How much does window tinting cost?

A: Prices will range from $100 to $400 per install. Remember, you are not only paying for the film product

but for the installation time and quality of workmanship.

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