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Car Window Tinting in Roseville, CA

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Tint Professor Car Window Tinting Roseville, CAThe Tint Professor carries one of the best films on the market today, which is SolarFree Apex, and Artisan, which are Nano Ceramic automotive window films. It is a unique film that surpasses predecessors simply with its technology and its ability to effectively block high levels of heat, which is what our customer’s have been asking us for, and now we are happy to be able to install this quality film on your vehicle windows.

We apply window film that has been ComputerCut to your vehicle windows exact dimensions using our ComputerCut machine, which means less wait time for you, and no cutting window film on your vehicle.

The Tint Professor Will Help You Select Your Shade…

We Carry SolarFree Window Film

The Tint Professor uses SolarFree Apex, and Artisan nano ceramic film. Artisan is a unique automotive film that surpasses predecessors simply with its ability to effectively block high levels of heat, while remaining installer-friendly, due to its extremely strong scratch resistant coating.

Our Nano Ceramic films are more durable than any other window film.

Solar Free Film

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We Use ComputerCut

ComputerCut is the most efficient and hassle-free pattern cutting process imaginable.

The ComputerCut plotter takes a downloaded pattern and cuts it in a matter of minutes, as opposed to the time necessary to cut an entire job by hand. ComputerCut takes care of the pattern cutting. Plus, the patterns are carefully cut according to established specifications.


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Our Customer Service

We are committed to customer satisfaction and service in our Roseville location.

Our customer’s are welcome to call us anytime to ask us about the film we carry, or any question connected with window film, or to schedule an appointment.

Phone: 916-844-8581.

Business Hours:

Mon – Sat: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

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Our Knowledge

We have been tinting automobile windows for the past 15 years, and whether you’re looking for dark and mysterious, conservative and classy, or cool and sophisticated, the Tint Professor can help you select the right shade to fit your needs.

Our knowledge and experience gives our customers’ the assurance that each and every vehicle will be tinted to your complete satisfaction. The Tint Professor goes the extra mile to make sure your window tinting need and desire are met.

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Our Guarantee

Our scratch resistant films ensure your complete satisfaction and comfort year after year. To prove it, all our films are backed by a life-time warranty which covers bubbling, peeling, delaminating, adhesive failure and discoloration.

No Fade/Color Stable Guarantee:

  • Jet Black Non-Reflective 2ply Design.

  • Up to 85% IR Heat Rejection

  • Signal Friendly/Enabling Capability

  • Factory Lifetime Warranty

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 The Benefits Of Window Film:

* Protection

* Comfort

* Privacy

* Glare Reduction

* Safety

* Resale

* Reduce Energy

* Appearance

* Security

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Location: Fairway Car Wash, 9110 Fairway Drive, Roseville, CA 95678

The Tint Professor is conveniently located at: The Fairway Car Wash, at: 9110 Fairway Drive, Roseville, CA 95678.

We have a very comfortable lounge area which offers refreshments and gift items, along with offering Wi-Fi access and a television to watch while you wait.

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Contact: Tint Professor

Dan Castro

(916) 844-8581

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Your Authority on Car Window Tinting. We are conveniently located in Fairway Car Wash and can service customer’s in the Roseville, Rocklin, Auburn, Lincoln, Loomis, and all of greater Sacramento.


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